Who is Your Favorite Vending Supplier?

Choosing a vending supplier can make all the difference in whether your business is profitable or not. I know a lot of vendors always go with the cheapest supplier but there are other factors too, I of course have my … Continue reading


Allstars Hot New 50 Cent Two Inch Capsules

Beak Blasters – Duck Beak Whistle inspired by the popular Duck Dynasty TV show. Slinky Mix – Who doesn’t love a slinky?!? This slick slinky mix has neon and rainbow slinky toys for your vending machine. Diamonds & Pearls Jewelry … Continue reading


Allstar Ends the Credit Card Provider Fees

Allstar Vending listens to it’s customers and takes action. By: Kim Segal Allstar Vending Customers who have been charged cross-border fees by their credit card companies, will no longer be charged additional fees. “After receiving complaints from some customers who … Continue reading


Allstar Does Your Birthday Right!!

So got this in my inbox and had to share, personally I think this is a great way to thank customers, gain customer loyalty and do something that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Way to … Continue reading

post’s HOT TOP 5!

The “Hot Top 5” is a general list of what we here at Reliable-Vendor were impressed with, received positive reviews by vending experts, or offered something special to the vending industry. This is not to say any product is better … Continue reading