Vendiscuss Cluck for a Buck and Win a Chicken Machine!

All American Chicken Machine Raffle

All American Chicken Machine Raffle

Caserri and all of the other great people over at the Vendiscuss Forums are getting ready to celebrate their 5th Birthday on July 9th. There are a couple of great reasons you should go visit them and join as a member before then.

First is it’s a great resource for all vendors and I can’t say enough how great the owner, moderators and members are over there. I have learned more there than anywhere else when it comes to vending.

The second reason is that they are giving away an All American Chicken Machine, a $1500 value donated by  ParSal Vending Supply LLC…wait for it…and 500 eggs to get you started….WHAT, IT’S STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!…how about that they are including up to $500.00 in free shipping to get it to you!!! All this for just a buck, 4 quarters, 10 dimes or the traditional $1 per ticket.

Wait…are you still here reading when you could be getting your raffle on?!?

Then good news for you because they are also giving away a 5-Way Rack in celebration too! Raffle tickets for the rack are only $20 but are limited to only 100 Raffle entries, you can bet I already have my ticket…do you?!?

Don’t forget you MUST be a TVF member to buy tickets for either raffle, so join me today over at

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