Two New Faces Here at Reliable Vendor

You have probably noticed several new vending articles, showing up here at reliable vendor, by two new vendors; Vendelicious and PerformaVending. Both are young and eager entrepreneurs who are successfully growing their vending business and can share the secrets of what they have learned.

Vendelicious VendingVendelicious operates his route in Arkansas and is looking to expand into Tennessee in the near future. He’s also currently pursuing a degree in finance at the University of Memphis. While still fairly new to the business he has done a ton of research and has learned quickly. He also has an eye for design and marketing which he leverages very well to build his business. You can read a couple of his articles; GETTING STARTED: Goals and Plans and PLAN OF ATTACK: Machines and Configurations to get to know Vendelicious a little better.

Performa VendingPerformaVending operates his route in Wisconsin and is growing at a steady and sustainable pace. He’s also very handy and has a great head for the mechanics and workarounds of bulk vending machines, that’s probably why he prefers quality used machines to new. While young Performa is still a go-getter and very passionate about the bulk vending business, he’s also been in the industry long enough to be considered a seasoned pro, so we are lucky to have his expertise at our service. You can start with his two first article in two parts; Candy to Toys – The Big Switch Part1 and Candy to Toys – The Big Switch Part2.

Both vendors are articulate and knowledgeable about bulk vending and it is both a privilege and pleasure to have them writing here at reliable vendor. You will find their experiences a great resource in putting together your own plan of action for your bulk vending business. If you have any questions for them please feel free to post them in the comments section of their posts, they are glad to be of service to the vending community!

And on a personal note, Thanks guys for being part of the team!



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