Selling My Bulk Vending Route Part3 – Now What!

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I have sold my route, so now what?

There are a lot of ways to make money vending and several good business models that work with lots of variable combinations; single gb route, gum and candy, just toys, toys and flat, a little bit of everything, etc… So I am not putting down any business model, I am just choosing to reorganize and restructure my own.

So looking at how I grew my business and what I have learned over the last year I have come to a few decisions:

  • I am moving to a very strict and set business model. I am going to only use 1-2 rack configurations and will strictly do toys and gumballs.
  • I will be using no more than 3 different machine models. 2 of those will be 1” and of course one model for 2”
  • I will be utilizing a small selection of products to carry as inventory.
  • I will be concentrating on location quality, not quantity. Instead of 100 $12 a month spots I want 20 $80+ a month spots.

Now I understand that this means locating will be more of a challenge. I know that I will miss some opportunities both in equipment and good spots. But I am also gaining a more streamlined operation and one that will eventually produce more income with less work, essential since I will continue to work in my current career.

How will this work for me, honestly I don’t know, but I will be giving you updates on here periodically. And of course I will be sharing other advice I learn as well.


  1. PerformaVending says:

    A daring and ingenious way to do things! I’m very interested in seeing how this works out for you sir!

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