PRINT MEDIA: A Vendors Business Card

Whether you’re out locating or just enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant, always carry a business card. Even if you are not actively trying to find spots for your machines, opportunities might present themselves. The last thing you want to happen is to lose a potential location because you did not leave them with your contact information.


Don’t just throw something together for the sake of having a card. Take your time in creating a good looking design. By doing so, you will add a level of professionalism in your vending business. To give an example, the images below are the front and back of my vending business card. These cards were created in Photoshop Elements and took me roughly three hours from start to finish.

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TIP:  Instead of having to create a separate contact label, I place these cards inside of the globes of my machines, saving me time and money!

Where do I start?

For those that are a little bit more computer savvy, numerous free programs are available to help create your very own visually pleasing business cards. A quick Google or YouTube search for GIMP business card tutorials will bring up pages and pages of quality articles and step-by-step guides showing you how to create your very own cards. The industry standard for print media is hands down Adobe Photoshop CS series. However, this particular program costs hundreds of dollars. Below are a few programs I recommend checking out:

  1.        GIMP (FREE)
  2.        Paint.NET (FREE)
  3.        Photoshop (PAY ONLY)
  4.        Microsoft Publisher (PAY ONLY)
For those wanting a quality design but aren’t able to create a card from scratch, many freelance graphic designers will happily create one for you at an attractive price. Although I have never used the services listed below, I have been told that these websites are reliable and worth exploring.
  1.        99 Designs
  2.        PeoplePerHour

Instead of pulling out a simple and forgettable black and white business card from your pocket, contract an individual or create your own cards so that you can set yourself apart from other vendors and WOW your location managers.


  1. PerformaVending says:

    Business cards are great tools to help you place machines. Like any tool- you want a good tool to do the job right. Sound advice as always.

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