New Bulk Vending Resources Here On Reliable Vendor

New and ImprovedOver the last few weeks I have been working to get you more bulk vending resources and content. I am not done by a long shot but here are some of the recent highlights.

I revamped our vending calculators which is both good and bad. I was using a very robust program that allowed me to make very bulk vending specific calculators but I never could work out getting the RV styles to work with the default styles of the calculators. For those of you who missed the old ones they were very difficult to use as the fields where all over the page. The new bulk vending calculators are much cleaner in the user interface and are running off business standard logic. I was also able to add a couple of new ones to help manage your gas costs while doing business; the Vending Fuel Consumption Calculator and the Vending Gas Trip Calculator.

We now have the Vending Terminology page for all our new vendors and as a reference tool for all you veterans. I know personally how hard it can be to keep up with all the current vending terms, vendors’ lingo and bulk vending abbreviations.

In the knowledge base I have started adding subsections for each bulk vending equipment manufacturer, showcasing specifications, features and images of their latest bulk vending machines and available stands. This will take quite a while to finish but Eagle EMC and LYPC are in place. You will notice some pages contain more info than others, the discrepancy is gathering correct info from the manufacturers themselves, there isn’t always consistency to what you can find so where I am not sure I am not going to guess and give you inaccurate information.

Last but not least I have started tagging our posts, we are up to over 150 articles on everything bulk vending, so this is just another way for you to hopefully find what interests and applies to your needs, quickly and conveniently.

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