Blazingquarters Coin Pushers; Exclusive Interview with Ron Sidney

Interview with Ron from

Interview with Ron from BlazingQuarters

Today Vendors around the world are competing for quarters, and the vendor who thinks outside the box usually wins. is pleased to present our exclusive interview with Ron Sidney of, a top notch manufacturer of quality coin pushers, shooters, and other specialty coin operated machines.

How did you get started in vending and what made you shift to coin pushers?

I got started in vending in 1994 with spiral gum ball machines. I was a young newlywed with a baby on the way and had just dropped out of college to work full time in the local factory. I saw an ad in an entrepreneur magazine for spiral gum ball machines, and in the ad it said: “It took me 4 hours just to count all the quarters.”

I first operated just spirals because I did not know of anything else. Remember, this was in 1994 so the Internet was not readily available to just find all of the information right at your fingertips. I lived and learned by trial and error and eventually had a nice route with a few hundred machines. I became a member of several of the forums on Yahoo at the time, and learned about other opportunities in Cranes and other amusement machines like pushers.

I was initially a crane operator and this is when I was finally able to be a full time vending operator. Cranes where just starting to find their way into traditional bulk vending locations like restaurants and grocery stores. I had about 300 cranes out when a competing vendor starting putting coin pushers beside of my cranes.

To those that don’t know, a crane will make good money in a big buffet restaurant or grocery store but when someone puts a coin pusher beside of it, all the coins suddenly make there way to the coin pusher. I had locations where the crane was averaging 1-200 dollars a week suddenly drop to 50 dollars or less, all because of the competing coin pusher. This is when I started operating coin pushers.

For those not familiar with what a coin pusher is can you give us the details?

A coin pusher is basically a game where the player drops a coin into the machine and it lands at back of play field. The play field is moving back and forth and when the coin lands on back of play field and the play field moves forward again it will cause coins to fall off of the ledge. The player hopes that when coins fall off of front of ledge that more coins will fall off than was inserted into machine and out to the player. The machine never needs filling as every time a player inserts a coin they are filling the machine.

Operators puts prizes on top of the coins that will fall off of ledge as the coins move forward,this entices play. There are 2 “out of bounds” side slot holes in play field of machine. The coins that fall in to these holes will be the profit of the machine. About 10% of all coins pushed forward will go “out of bounds” and therefore produce profit for operator. Most players will keep inserting their winnings back into machine trying to get the larger prizes until eventually they are all lost.

What’s the industry monthly average for coin pushers?

A good average would be about a hundred a week gross . The average for most operators of blazingquarters coin pushers is about 3-400 a week gross because of very profitable stops that could make several thousands of dollars a month. My personal best average as a operator was 5 thousand per month while in a discount tobacco store.

What are the legalities of coin pushers and what would you recommend to someone interested in adding them to their route regarding legally operating them?

I will not even give advice as far as legalities go. I do not know the laws of other states as gambling laws are the jurisdiction of the states. Blazingquarters coin pushers have been tested at BMM labs in Las Vegas to qualify as a game of skill. The player can aim their coin onto the play field and have the ability to stop the play field to place their coins. The machines are equipped with a coin comparator coin mechanism that can be adjust to accept tokens as well as quarters.

What are some tips you can offer to make coin pushers more profitable?

I would say that offering high value prizes on a progressive method has greatly increased income for most operators of coin pushers. A operator can place tokens or chips on top of the coins and each one be worth a point value. When the player wins so many points they receive a larger prize like an iPad, a laptop or NFL tickets to name a few I have seen. An operator could also offer “out of the park” prizes like most redemption counters offer in large arcades, the prize I speak of could be “Jamaican Vacation” or “brand new car” and of course the point value would be a very high number. Most operators just charge the coin pushers cash-box every month a set amount for the points, say $25 for each point added to play field would be subtracted from the gross earnings before the split with location.

Do you have any suggestions for locations where coin pushers work better than others?

I think there are a certain type of clientèle that plays coin pushers. Those customer are normally the people who smoke, play lottery and drink alcohol. So normally places like c-stores, discount tobacco and beer, and low income areas are actually the best locations for coin pushers. A very nice c-store in a nice neighborhood with a lot of traffic normally would produce less than a dirty crowded c store in a low income neighborhood. These are also the same locations that lottery will show to be their best locations.  Some people have more money for entertainment than others and do not find the games giving small prizes as entertainment enough for their time. These higher income individuals don’t normally play the machines but the lower income individuals who can’t afford expensive entertainment like movies and fancy restaurants enjoy the thrill of winning a few coins from a coin pusher.

Where do you see the future of coin pushers heading and how is your company in line with that vision?

We are trying to make our pushers the most cost-effective solution for the market. We have developed many new play actions for the industry. Our “gun type” coin shooter pusher was the first street model pusher to bring the game play of rapid coin play where a player can insert up to 20 or so coins in just seconds. We also have in development a “gum ball machine pusher” where every time someone inserts a coin into play the machine will dispense a gum ball . I might add a small gum ball(5800 count) but a gum ball nonetheless. This will designate the machine as a vending machine instead of a amusement machine. The machine will be available in the coming months.



  1. Nelson A. says:

    I would like to know would using it as a vending machine work in Miami. And can u let me know when and how I may buy one with the gum.

  2. scott aubrey says:

    do you have the gumball machines in? I am in utah where gambling is illegal so i think i would have to have one that vends. If you do have them in can you send me pics and prices.


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