Halloween Vend-A-Rama 2012

Halloween 2012 is almost here, a time for Jack-o-lanterns, costumed kids and candy…lots of candy! So me being me, I had to go against the grain. I came up with what I think is a novel approach to Halloween that will make my house a memorable stop, save me some money, possibly promote my business and encourage kids to enjoy vending machines. It just seems like a winning combination. So you’re probably wondering what I am going to do? –

First I am taking one of my Northwestern 80 series 2” capsule vendors, I bought some very cheap Halloween plastic static cling wrap for window decorations and have applied them to the Plexiglas sides of the NW 80. Tonight I am modifying the coin mech to be a free spin, so no quarters are needed to operate it. Then I am going to fill it full of 2” acorn caps from my Treasure Chest mix and throw in some more expensive Sponge Bob and Domo Stretchy Yo-Yo’s. Then on Halloween I will move the NW 80 out to the porch, where we can enjoy sitting with our Jack-o-lanterns and greeting our guests who come to visit. We will let each child get a free spin and hopefully they will enjoy the experience and it will be a little something different for them this Halloween.

The advantages; with the obesity epidemic and the tradition of handing out candy, this will give them a little something different, than sweets, to look forward too. Cost wise I normally get the fun size snickers, variety mix, and they work out to about .13 cents ea. My toys work out to about .10 ea. plus I don’t have to pay sales tax on the toys.

Another possible advantage is I live in a neighborhood populated with a LOT of small business owners, I plan to have some business cards ready to hand out should any of them ask me about my business while bringing their kids to the house. Now I know this is a long shot, it may generate no interest whatsoever, but I am not doing this to locate, I am doing it for the fun and to make the kids smile, if I do happen to get a lead or two, all the better.

The last advantage is this, as vendors we need customers to survive; we need every generation to know the joy of turning that handle and getting a sweet or cool reward. It’s how we create customers for life. Many kids will never know that joy, their parents too frugal to give them money for one of “those” machines, but you bet they will let them spin that handle for my free machine, so it’s just another subconscious reminder how much fun a vending machine can be, and hopefully I will be creating some customers for us for life.

In the end I hope this is going to be fun for all and a rewarding experience, I am looking forward to see how it goes, but wanted to pass along the idea to any like-minded people out there.  Let me know what you think and Happy Halloween.


  1. PerformaVending says:

    Now that is an interesting way to do things! I’ve been pondering how to better incorporate my love of vending and my love of Halloween together, and this is a fantastic idea!

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