River Bend Locators

Found a new bulk vending locator service and thought I would share; River Bend Locators is new and caters to bulk vendors operating in the United States. Their primary focus is bulk vending singles, doubles and triple head machines. They also locate for racks upon request.

What I know about River Bend Locators:

  • Pricing, always the first question asked to a new locator so here is what I am told, $25.00 per location for singles, doubles and triples. Bulk vending racks will run you $200 per rack and includes a 30 day replacement warranty.
  • They offer free replacement for every 5 locations ordered.
  • Half down before they begin working on your locations order and the other half is required before they will give you the locations. I am not a fan of this method but pretty common with a lot of locators.
  • They claim 7 day turn around for all location orders under 10 locations. More than 10 they say require an additional 7 days per 10 additional locations ordered. Sounds pretty legit and doable in my opinion. I also like they are up front to their vendor clientele about realistic expectations.
  • They claim quality locations over quantity, but so does every other locator, although they claim a method to physically view the establishment before releasing you the info to a bad location. Can anyone say Google View Earth, that’s my guess anyway.

Want to contact them use, if you will tell them you saw them here on reliable vendor I would appreciate it.


  1. Rick,

    Thank you for posting your information about our company. You have pretty much covered our company in a nutshell. We are a newly designed bulk vending locating services that finds locations for all types of vending machines but our primary focus is bulk vending.

    Our prices or the cheapest current going rate on the market $25.00 for bulk machines and we have a September special buy 10 get (2) free.

    Thank you for posting the information about our company and we look forward to doing an exclusive interview with you soon.

    River Bend Locators

  2. Thanks for the heads up about your September special Shawn and welcome to Reliable Vendor. I will be in contact about the interview soon,

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