5 Unusual Bulk Rack Locations

Bulk Vending RackEvery bulk vendor who uses bulk toy racks learns quickly the prime locations where these do very well; Chinese buffets, pizza shops, Mexican restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and bowling allies. The problems with these are always finding one that’s available, very competitive competition, and these locations usually know the value of their floor space and charge a premium in commission for it.

So here are 5 unusual bulk rack locations often overlooked that you can use to increase your locations and bulk vending profits.

  1. Convenience stores – Very busy locations with people ducking in and out, often with kids in tow. Additionally most customers have a little change in their pocket after their initial purchase, just ripe to be used in your machines while heading out the door. Most locations are franchise stores and easier for bulk operators to get into than you might think.
  2. Dollar General – This is one of the fastest growing retail chains right now and since most are franchise operations the owners are always looking to maximize their empty floor space versus profit. The clientele usually consists of the same economic classes, low middle to low incomes, which have always been the lifeblood to bulk vendors.
  3. Dance studios – Requirements are it needs to be typically frequented by girls and young women, and a full time operation, meaning classes daily. The trick is to make your products gender specific to gender neutral, just think how fast some really cute temporary sugar tattoos would be snatched up. One great advantage is this type of business almost always has more floor space than needed and they are almost always struggling financially meaning any opportunity to make more money that doesn’t cost them anything is looked at positively.
  4. After school hangouts – There isn’t one single type of store that falls into this category; you have to seek them out. I found one picking up my kid from Middle school one day. It was a little smoothie/ice cream store about 25 yards from the school itself and had kids swarming around it every day after school. They also heavily pushed it as the place for parties having flyers always available for the kids coming in, which meant almost every weekend they had 2-3 parties scheduled with tons of kids coming in and out.
  5. Karate studios – Requirements are similar to the dance studio, needs to be full time operation daily. I would tailor my product offerings to the clientele, mostly male oriented or gender neutral and there are lots of action type toys that would suit any martial arts fan. Again the advantages are similar to the dance studio, lots of free floor space and owners who are always open to ways to make more money that won’t cost them anything.

If you have any of your own suggestions of unusual bulk rack locations I would love to have you leave them in the comments for consideration. Good Luck!

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