5 Basic Tips to Being Professional When Locating Your Vending Machines

  • Dress for success. A decision maker for a location will find you more professional dressed appropriately. It shows you take pride in your appearance and impression matter when asking for a location to give you valuable floor space.
  • Always have a business card to give out. If they say yes you can give them your card as a way to contact you should you be running low on product or a problem with your machine. If they say no then you have given them a way to contact you in case they reconsider your offer later.
  • Be prepared to show your equipment. Whether you carry your machines with you or choose to bring along a folder with pictures featuring some already located machines, be sure to have these with you at all times. More than a few times I have sealed the deal after showing them the high quality of my machines.
  • Be Polite and Courteous. The fine art of displaying the social graces has been heavily eroded in today’s world. When you remain polite and courteous you are showing respect while asking for a favor, and they are doing you a favor by letting you place your machine, not the other way around. The second benefit is that it’s much harder to tell someone NO when they are treating you kindly and respectfully.
  • Be courteous and aware of the decision makers’ time. There are several ways to do this; limit your locating times to those most convenient for the store type, this way you don’t get a NO just because the manager is too busy to hear your pitch. Keep your sales pitch short and to the point, mention at the beginning that you know his time is valuable; this will increase the chances he will hear you out because he is expecting a quick pitch and appreciates the respect you have given him.

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