UTurn X-treme Sports Blaster

UTurn X-treme Sports BlasterUturn X-treme Sports Blaster was introduced in September 2002 by Fritz industries.

By adding a 4″ capsule dispensing mechanism to the pedestal base UTurn created a self-contained prize redemption game of skill. Easy to play and understand the UTurn X-treme Sports Blaster will hit you a home-run.

Dispensing of the prize capsule is determined by the number of times the target is struck during play. Adjustments can be made from 1 to 99 hits making the capsule prize easy to difficult to win. The X-treme Sports Blaster is a combination vending, amusement, and instant prize game.

Vend Options: 850 ct, 1080 ct, 1430 ct. Gumballs, Jawbreakers, etc. or 27mm Super Balls.

Interchangeable Play Fields: Adds variety and maintains interest.

Instant prize Redemption: Encourages repeat play.

Digital Scoreboard with Sound: Scores one point and generates and audio response when the target is struck.

Construction: Solid steel powder coated finish for years of dependable service.

Dimensions: 17 inches wide, 31 inches length, 60 inches high with canister.