UTurn Sports Blaster

UTurn Sports BlasterUturn Sports Blaster is an all mechanical novelty pinball game that dispenses gumballs, candy, super balls or toy products. Introduced to the bulk vending industry in 1996. Thousands have been sold in all 50 states and 30 foreign countries, becoming one of the most popular and profitable interactive vending games in the coin-op industry.

The novelty of the UTurn Sports Blaster is the dispensed product becomes the “pinball. The games object is to strike the product with the mechanical flippers to skillfully hit a suspended bulls-eye target. Hitting the bulls-eye will cause the game to dispense a second product free of charge.

Only one free product is dispensed each game ply even though the bulls-eye can be struck several times during game play. Winning an extra product coupled with the fun of interactive game play is a popular way to keep consumers engaged with repeated tries. Revenues are generally significantly greater than a typical gumball vendor.

Vend Options: 850 ct, 1080 ct, 1430 ct. Gumballs, Jawbreakers, etc. or 27mm Super Balls.

Interchangable Play Fields: Adds variety and maintains interest.

Blast the target: Win 1 free prize.

Construction: Solid steel powder coated finish for years of dependable service.

Dimensions: 17 inches wide, 31 inches length, 51 inches high.