LYPC Mighty Mite Rocket Machine

LYPC Mighty Mite RocketLYPC Mighty Mite Vending Machine Specifications:

  • Height: 31 inches (59″ with Stand)
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Gumball capacity: 425 one-inch gumballs
  • Coin capacity: $500.00
  • Optional Stand Shown

About the LYPC Mighty Mite Rocket:

The LYPC Mighty Mite Rocket is tough with an all metal construction and comes standard with a cash box for easy servicing. Jam-proof drop through coin mechanism. Accepts 1 US or Canadian Quarter. Dispenses 1″ gumballs, 27 mm super balls or 1″ capsules. Poly-carbonate shatter proof break resistant globe. Patriotic red, white & blue. 1 year warranty & 30 day money back guarantee.

Metal Body, metal base, all-metal coin mechanism Accepts 1 US quarter or 1 Canadian quarter. Polycarbonate window Coin capacity

LYPC Spiro Rocket Vending Machine Specifications:

  • Height: 68 inches
  • Gumball capacity: 600 1.25 inch Large Gumballs

About the LYPC Spiro Rocket:

The LYPC Spiro Rocket has an eye catching interactive design to draw customers to your machine. Awesome look and presence in any location. Unique reverse spin action. Ball drops into thuster, spins & reverses direction. Increased profits with 50 cent vend for larger 600 count gumball or 32mm superball.

Metal Body Costruction, Jam-Free Metal Drop-Thru Coin Mechanism, Secure Coin Door

50c Coin Mechanism, Vends 1.25″ Gumballs, 1″ Gumballs, 32mm Super Balls, 27mm Super Balls