Northwestern Sticker Machine

Northwestern Sticker Machine

Northwestern Sticker Machine

Based upon many of the same design features that make the 80 Series an industry standard, Northwestern’s Sticker Machine is tough, reliable and extremely easy to service. It can operate as a stand alone unit, or as part of a rack combined with 80 Series and 60 Series machines. Two columns, with a capacity of 280 stickers each, along with front servicing access, make Northwestern’s Sticker Machine a powerful addition to any operator’s vending repertoire.




Standard Features

  • 280 Sticker capacity per column
  • Removable front display panel
  • Three-point locking front for easy cash box access
  • Two Greenwald G-4 coin slide mechanisms
  • Vend stickers, tattoos, etc… anything in 3”x 4.5” folder
  • Front, top or rear sticker loading access

Coin Mechanism

  • Industry tested Greenwald G-4 coin slide can vend nickels, dimes and quarters, up to $1.00
  • 5-Slot option allows you to vend up to $1.25 (additional charge)
  • Available for most foreign coins (additional set up charge)


  • Chrome top
  • Additional colors
  • High security lock and key
  • 5-slot coin slide
  • Sports trading card option allows 3 sports cards per vend
  • Coin counter

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