Flat Pak

Flat Pak

The Flat-Pak sticker machine is available in 7 colors and features two columns, each having a 300-card capacity. It is the only 2 column flat vending machine that uses the Beaver NG rotary coin mechanisms. For added security the Flat-Pak incorporates the Tamper Guard System, a specially designed die cast plate that prevents damaging articles from entering the dispensing slot. This machine also features a dual locking system, allowing access to the product area without necessarily allowing access to the cash box.

Loading the Flat-Pak is easy as stickers do not have to be sorted to all face one way. Stickers can simply be placed in machine. A large product display panel, a high capacity cash box and two New Generation Coin Mechanisms that are adaptable for currencies in over 100 countries, are other standard qualities of the Flat-Pak.


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