Allstar Vending has been in the vending industry since 1989. They enjoy a wonderful reputation worldwide. They specialize in manufacturing our own Allstar sticker, gumball and capsule machines, as well as the stickers, tattoos, 3D puzzles and beanies that vend through these machines.

Everyone at Allstar are proud of their achievements and accomplishments in the relatively brief period they have been in the sticker and toy industry. They attribute their success to hard work, integrity, honesty and above all, impeccable service. They take pride in the fact that many people have reached their financial goals as a direct result of our guidance and affiliation with Their company.

They are a strong and secure company, which prides itself as a leader in its field . They enjoy an excellent reputation in the vending industry, not only in North America, but internationally as well.

A major phase of Allstar’s business is the operation of their own machines across Canada in numerous national chains, where they have established themselves as one of the preferred operators throughout Canada on a corporate as well as grassroots level. Having their own route definitely enables them to better provide each distributor with the training they require in merchandising the sticker and beanie machines.

Since plunging into the world of manufacturing approximately ten (10) years ago, they have sold in excess of 100,000 sticker machines and 5000 beanie machines internationally. Their machines can be adapted to accept any foreign currency.

Allstar is very proud to announce that our sticker machines can be found in Las Vegas at The Mirage, New York New York and Treasure Island Hotels, in addition to various national chains in the USA and Canada such as Wal-Mart, Safeway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Toys R Us, McDonalds, Arby’s, Cici’s Pizza, Fuddruckers, Perkins, Ponderosa, Boston Pizza, Church’s Chicken, Shakey’s Pizza, Golden Corral, Wehrenberg Theatres, American Steakhouse, etc. This is an accomplishment for which they are very proud.

Their main objective has been and will continue to be, providing faithful customers with encouragement and tools to make their business as successful as they have
made theirs.

Why choose Allstar?

– They have experience in dealing with national chains for the last fifteen years
(Pizza Hut, KFC/Taco Bell, and various other corporations).

– They print our stickers on the highest quality prismatic paper. In addition, their temporary tattoos are all FDA approved.

– They specialize in customizing machines with various colors and logos.

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