A&A Global PO89

AA Global PO89

AA Global PO89

Simple to service, the PO89 highlights the simplicity of vending. Offered in a variety of servicing head configurations, the PO89 in its basic version is available in Cherry Red, and for a nominal charge, a variety of colors are available. The all-metal tapered body design allows for additional flexibility when adding several machines to racks and stands.







  • Vends gum balls, candy, nuts, superballs, 1.1″ capsules and self vending items (specify when ordering)
  • Drop through coin mechanism – allows smaller coins to drop into the cash box, preventing jams and increases revenue
  • Fits on all racks and stands
  • All metal chrome plated mechanisms can be set for $.25 or $.50
  • Flat key barrel twist lock
  • Slip clutch handle to prevent vandalism
  • “Inside” price decal

Optional Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Coin Mechanism
  • Matching chute door for Heavy Duty Mechanism
  • Coin Counter – Battery operated for sale auditing and security

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