A&A Global 2001

AA Global 2001

AA Global 2001

This, the 2001, is AA’s most popular 2″ capsule vendor on the market. The ease of operation includes a drop down front door to collect coins, display holder, and baffle (prevents the weight of the product from causing a strain on the mechanism). Available in a red/orange finish, these machines are perfect for any location where you sell toys. Available in three sizes; mini (20″), standard (25″), and jumbo (30″).






  • All metal body construction
  • All metal chrome plated mechanisms available in $.25, $.50, $.75, or $1 vend with slip clutch handle
  • Fits on all racks and stands
  • Black base and hopper adapter
  • Powder coated top

Optional Accessories

  • Additional Locking Device for Added Security
  • Metal Panels
  • “ExCaps” (Extra capacity backs jumbo models only)
  • Bulk candy wheel for mini (20″) model
  • Coin Counter – Battery operated for sale auditing and security

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