Standout by Offering Out of the Ordinary Gumballs

I was talking with a few other vendors the today, and the subject turned to setting yourself apart and standing out when one of your locations has multiple vendors. Specifically we were discussing the use of gumballs as our main product offering.

The one point we all agree on is that having something other than the ordinary and generic assorted gumballs everyone uses. Personally I am wavering between getting some of the Dubble Bubble Seedlings or Oak Leafs Gumballs loaded with Nerds. Both would be an out of the ordinary offering, and would give me the competitive edge over the other vendors in my location. The only drawback is that I would lose more profit due to higher cost of goods.

One of the other vendors said he uses the straight flavor gumballs like fruit punch, cherry or green apple. He says he seems to do pretty well with them, and I can see where they would have an appeal. But I always saw straight flavor gumballs working better on a rack than on a single, double or triple setup.

So my question to you, our visitors, how would you standout in a head to head match-up of gumballs when competing in a multi-vendor location?


  1. PerformaVending says:

    Looks like A&A has a good late-summer lineup- I’ll have to try some of these plunger stands- sure to be a real riot with the kids (and adults)! I have to say that A&A’s product lineup never ceases to amaze me.

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