Product Display

This post isn’t about the machines you use or how clean you keep them, this chapter is about maximizing sales using a few best practices.

Product Quantities Per Vending Machine

For your vending machines using perishable products, like gum, candy and nuts, during placement or servicing, we recommend filling your globe somewhere between 60-75% full, unless your location is very busy and can empty itself between refills. Keeping it well filled makes your display look tempting and yummy but product can get stale and lead to waste if it sits too long unused, so it’s your job to balance how much product you have available to how fast a location goes through it.

Under-filling or leaving product inventory low in your machines is also bad. If your machines look empty or close to it, it looks less appealing to customers passing by. Part of the whole draw to bulk vending machine display is seeing all that wonderful and colorful gum and candy just sitting there to be enjoyed. We recommend never letting your machines get lower than 15% full if you can help it.

For vending machines using non-perishable products, like toys, stickers and tattoos, we recommend you fill and restock them to 100% capacity with every service. Why take the chance of running out and losing money on a product you don’t have to worry about throwing away.

Using Product Inserts and Displays

Most bulk products come with a visual display, often called product inserts, to entice sales. Use these! It is not OK, or just as good; to leave your globes empty of product information. Most people will not buy the unknown. The second worst thing you can do, and it is more frequent than you think, a vendor will buy some bulk bag of candy at Sam’s and tear off part of the bag label to stick inside his vending machine. This screams unprofessional, looks horrible and makes me wonder if he’s that lazy about his presentation, how much he cares about the cleanliness and sanitary side of his operation. Don’t be that guy; there are resources out there to get you more inserts if you need them. There is no excuse for a professional to not have every machine clearly marked with a product insert.

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