Price Comparison for Vending Products

There are a lot of quality suppliers of vendible products in the industry. It will serve your vending business and bottom line well to always compare products and pricing before placing any order.

I personally have all of the major suppliers bookmarked in my browser so I can compare products and prices across half a dozen, or more, suppliers in a matter of minutes.  For those suppliers who don’t post their prices, we make sure to have a good relationship, with our rep for that supplier, so that we always have their most recent price lists sent to us.

Keeping up with costs and knowing where to find a bargain is all part of doing business in bulk vending. It’s easy, and important, to form good relationships in this industry, but remember your loyalty should always be to your businesses success, not to any particular supplier.

Perishable Vending Products

Something to always consider when ordering perishable vending products like gum, candy and nuts, price is a consideration, but so is freshness. 20 pounds of stale and unsellable gumballs aren’t worth anything, even if you did save a few dollars per case. Carefully way the price versus how well you trust the resellers product. If you’re new to the business and unsure who you can trust for fresh and delicious product on a consistent basis, try looking for supplier reviews, and at the always popular vending forums to see what other vendor’s have to say about their own experiences.

Non-Perishable Vending Products

If it doesn’t go bad; your only concerns should be quality and price. It’s up to you to figure out what ratio, between the two, is right for your vending business, but research and trial and error will help you find exactly what works best for you.

Quality Versus Cost

One last word on quality versus cost in bulk vending. You went into this business to make money, but the truth, offering the cheapest product you can find, is not going to achieve your dream of success. Just like any other type of retail sales, people are drawn to what’s hot, new, unexpected or an old favorite. I would rather have 1000 sales to 100 sales, even if they both netted me the same in profits, for a couple of reasons. More sales indicate customer satisfaction and happiness which means more repeat business and fewer customer complaints. Another huge advantage to high sales volumes is I can make my business more profitable on the back-end by saving money from less waste and being able to get bulk discounts when buying product.

The point I am trying to make is that this business is just as much about providing a quality product and customer service, as it is about turning a profit. If you can find the perfect balance in quality and cost, everything else will work itself out.

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