Optimized Product Placement

The product(s) you choose to sale in your vending machines are important to your success. The right product selection means big profits and little waste, but the wrong product selection means you could be throwing away unsold inventory gone bad, eating into your bottom line.

Optimized product placement; simply means putting the best product to achieve the highest sales in a location. In many ways its common sense, but some locations require some thought and homework.

First get to know your location, ask yourself few basic questions:

  • What type of business is it?
  • Does it cater to Adults, Teens, Kids and Families?
  • Is the foot traffic male, female or mixed?
  • What vendible products would add value without competing with the store owner?

These questions are important; because they tell us everything we need to know in order to make a solid decision on what bulk vending products would sell the most. Below are a few scenarios where these questions helped us determine what to use for optimized product placement:

If it’s a restaurant then gum, candy and toys are probably a better choice than nuts. Nuts might dampen their appetite or be too heavy for an after meal treat. Another bonus with optimized product placement in this scenario is that restaurant owner shouldn’t see your vending machine as competition but as added value to his patrons visit.

Mail Boxes to Go
If the business is a mail box provider, people usually are in and out while running errands, so gum, candy and nuts would probably do pretty well as a quick snack on the go. Obviously these are mostly adult customers so toys would be a bad idea but perhaps a novelty item machine aimed at adult business people.

Shoe Store
If the business is a shoe store, sugar free gum and chocolate candy would work better than nuts or children’s candy. Most shoe stores cater to women, who are notorious for being on diets, and for being self conscious about their appearance and presentation. So we give them an option for them. Other woman love chocolate and we want to have something for them too. Again we are offering products that directly relate with their needs and wants. Nuts would be a bad idea because of all the dust and residue that comes with them, no retail shop owner wants customers with dirty residue holding their new merchandise.

Discount Store
If it’s a small family oriented discount store then gum, candy, bouncy balls and toy capsules would be perfect. The promise of a toy, out of the vending machine, for good behavior is often used my mothers and fathers while they shop. And both kids and adults love gum and candy, so you have something for everyone.

Teen Hangout
Now let’s say you get a location that is a favored teen hangout; novelty items, stickers, tattoos, gum and candy all fit that location perfectly. Now let’s say that it’s someplace that is predominantly female teens, you would want to customize your novelty items, stickers and tattoos to female targeted items, the same if it was predominantly male.

Bottom line; put some effort into choosing the bulk vending product you place in a location. A good choice will bring in more business and keep the locations owner happy.

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