Kudos to Flatline for Doing a Great Catalog Right

For those unaware of my background, I spent the majority of my first 15 years working in management and sales, the last 10 years have been in marketing and design.  So you can imagine I am very critical of how any business partner represents themselves, it says a LOT about who they are and how proud they are of what they offer.

So far I have been underwhelmed when it comes to the world of vending. Most suppliers have poor looking websites, if they have them at all, text or excel price lists and Flatline Corp is the only company that has even offered or given me a traditional catalog. In fact it was a very novel catalog, and a well thought out way to present their offerings and provide some extra organization to the vendor for free.

Let me explain my last sentence above, Flatline Vending Corp and Mike my personal sales rep, have sent me a double pocketed half page binder, inside that binder are the actual display cards for every flat product they carry, so instead of just getting a basic pic you actually get to see a large section of what comes in the product. It also included folded flyers for all their 1” and 2” capsule offerings. It was clean, organized, well presented, informative and the best part is it’s built to grow, as they send me new displays, I simply put them in the existing Flatline catalog to keep them safe, organized and at hand when researching for new products.

I have grown accustomed to the vending world, I even understand why a lot of suppliers have to take the cheap route, it can be tough when you’re making a profit a few cents at a time, but these guys really impressed, and if you haven’t given them a look I suggest visiting them at www. or contacting Mike directly at his email to ask about getting your own catalog.


  1. Performa Vending says:

    They do a good job! I’ve got my catalog right here on the shelf!

  2. Great entry Rick! I too have felt that suppliers need to make a better effort in this area. Too many today cater to the big vendors and have the “they know where we are if they want something” mentality. Good to see someone is thinking outside the box.

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