What’s Cooler than Angry Birds Right Now?!? How about Angry Birds Star Wars Edition!!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

UPDATE: Flatline has the Stickers

Thats right folks, the scientists over at the angry birds studio are working to release Angry Birds Star Wars on November the 8th. You can visit for more info.

So what does does that mean for us Bulk Vendors?!? You guessed it, we will have new and original Angry Birds Star Wars toys, stickers and tattoos soon enough. Now whether these will be a huge hit or not, no one knows, but based on the track record of current Angry Bird vending products, then add in the iconic and much loved Star Wars brand and I think we will have something thats going to fly off the shelf. I plan on ordering extra on the first release, because I see these being sold out a lot. Oh and enjoy the trailer below.


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