Product Announcement – A & A Global Industries Introduces 2 Hot Products

2 Hot Vending Products from AA Global

2 Hot Vending Products from A & A Global Industries

AA Global has two smoking hot new product lines for us bulk toy vendors.

First we have the mini Plunger Stands, a unique new item just for 2″ toy capsules. These cute and fun toys are used to prop-up smart devices for easier use. Available in 6 colors and the mini Plunger Stands have a 2-sided display available to make the kiddies and adults come running to your rack. Check the new mini plunger stands out here!

Next is the always popular Sponge Bob Square Pants. Sure to be a hit with kids this summer and it also has a brightly covered 2-sided stand available. Learn more about the Sponge Bob vendible items here!

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