Family Guy Stickers and Tattoos by AA Global Industries

Entering it’s twelfth season Family Guy continues to be a very popular show with a lot of memorable and very lovable characters. AA Global has Family Guy Stickers and Family Guy Tattoos available now with more Family Guy products on the way. You can see the Ad that hit my email below. Here’s my take on this and I am a big fan, Family Guy is more mature and adult humor, in fact the vast majority of fans are adults 18-44 (reference IMDb). I don’t know about where you live but most 18-44 year olds I know aren’t looking for stickers or tattoos out of a vending machine. I don’t doubt they will sell, I just don’t think they will fly out of your machines like some of the more traditional, and kid themed, vending options. Anyway that’s my two cents on the Family Guy stickers and Tattoos.

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