post’s HOT TOP 5!

The “Hot Top 5” is a general list of what we here at Reliable-Vendor were impressed with, received positive reviews by vending experts, or offered something special to the vending industry. This is not to say any product is better or worse than the next, but merely a listing of whats “hot” today.

  1. 1. Sqwishland Premium
  2. 2. Tuff Stuff (A&A)
  3. 3. Super Toys Mix (Flatline)
  4. 4. Cuff Em’s (Allstar)
  5. 5. Star Bright Rings (TNT)

5. Star Bright Rings by Top Notch Toys (TNT)

Star Bright RingsStar Bright Rings is TNT’s latest variety of bargain rings. The mix features a little of everything from traditional ring mixes, with a few new designs and styles to keep things fresh. A well-appointed live display should help to drive sales.




4. Cuff Em’s by Allstar

Cuff EmsMiniature Handcuffs are a novelty staple, and are a featured item in a variety of mixes. Allstar has taken this popular item into the spotlight with it’s own dedicated 1” mix. Featuring colorful plastic varieties, and several metal styles, this dedicated mix is sure to impress.



3. Super Toys Mix by Flatline

Super Toys MixFollowing Flatline’s “Blast Pack” series, a lot of new and interesting toys were previewed. At long last, Flatline’s stellar variety mix is available in both 1” and 2” varieties. This includes old favorites like String Dolls and Designer Ducks, and relatively new products like Ducky Tape. All in all it’s a solid mix, and much like the blast pack is designed to sell quickly- always a bonus today!



2. Tuff Stuff by A&A Global Industries

Tuff StuffA&A has offered a lot of great jewelry mixes in the past, but this is an interesting change to an established formula. Following the darker thematics from products like toy guns and toy grenades, this mix features a lot of violent themes and imagery usually reserved for tattoos or the aforementioned toy gun mixes. However, unlike a toy gun mix, this may not draw as much ire from prospective locations, as it’s themed jewelry as opposed to actual toys. It’s an interesting design on A&A’s part, and if given just the right market, it will shine really well.

1. Sqwishland Premium by Brand Vending

Sqwishland Super PremiumSqwishland is a tried and true vending product- tested and trusted by operators of every stripe across the country, and around the world. If there’s one thing Brand is good at, it’s creating products that sell really well, and they’ve promised that yet again with their “premium” collection. While the products included are probably not entirely “new” (I expect many of the Sqwishland figures included will be from former mixes) they have reconfigured this mix to drive sales. The mix promises 4 times more “rare” items in the mix to better market existing Sqwishland stops, and leverage more sales based on the existing market. A few Sqwishland collectors is all it takes to make a great stop- a remarkable feat compared to most other products.

The Hot Top 5 is compiled by Alex Macomber of Performa Vending with the assistance of and various suppliers. Products showcased are showcased are the opinions of Performa Vending, and may not represent the opinions of or it’s members.

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