post’s HOT TOP 5!

The “Hot Top 5” is a general list of what we here at Reliable-Vendor were impressed with, received positive reviews by vending experts, or offered something special to the vending industry. This is not to say any product is better or worse than the next, but merely a listing of whats “hot” today.

  1. 1. South Park Figurines by A&A Global Industries
  2. 2. Spongebob Tattoos #4 by Allstar Vending Supply
  3. 3. Satire Stickers #8 by SSM Vending
  4. 4. Team Spirit Mix by TNT
  5. 5. Black Ink Tattoos by Flatline

5. Black Ink Tattoos by Flatline

Black Ink TattoosBlack Ink is a fresh new take on tried and true mono-color flat products. Their sharp designs and fresh ideas in this mix is a good way to keep things fresh on your flat setups. It’s not so much a new idea, but a reinvention of a surefire seller.




4. Team Spirit Mix by Top Notch Toys (TNT)

Team Spirit MixTNT’s “Team Spirit” mix is an interesting mix featuring glittering Pom-Poms and cheer themed novelties. The mix looks particularly appealing as a 2” “girls” mix, as those are few and far between. The display is sharp and colorful, and with the reflective pom-poms inside draw quite a bit of attention to that machine, and any others it might be partnered with.



3. Satire Stickers by SSM

Satire StickersSatire stickers are a fun novelty product that many consider a vending staple. The trick to keeping the locations producing is to keep it fresh, and SSM has the latest mix in their 8th line of satire stickers. These feature parodies of well-known labels and branding, and are consistently good sellers with the kids.



 2. Spongebob Squarepants Tattoos Series 4 by Allstar Vending Supply

Spongebob TattoosAllstar is taking another great license out for another spin with their 4th series of Spongebob Squarepants stickers. With the Spongebob Squarepants franchise nearing 15 years of age, it’s unlikely that the series will dwindle now as new seasons of the show are in full swing. Pretty much any flat product location can support something like this thanks to it’s very wide appeal to children of all ages.



1. South Park figurines by A&A Global Industries

South-Park-FigurinesA&A has hit one out of the park with their newest licensed figurine lineup. South Park is still roaring as a media franchise, and with a large fan-base offers a lot of location possibilities. It’s also one of very few vend items that will have sales to an adult majority. If sales on these come anywhere near the levels the build-able South Park figurines reached, this product could be very, very hot. I’d expect that they’re well on the way to a pre-order sell-out.


The Hot Top 5 is compiled by Alex Macomber of Performa Vending with the assistance of and various suppliers. Products showcased are showcased are the opinions of Performa Vending, and may not represent the opinions of or it’s members.

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