Performa’s TOP 10 1″ Capsules

A staple of vending is the 1.1″ acorn capsule, and that’s typically what comes to mind when when people think of toy machines. There are a lot of great products out there, which is great, but to the uninitiated it can seem daunting. Here is a top 10 list of my favorite 1.1″ capsules!

Just a notice, this is my listing, composed of my experience and opinions, and I encourage any new vendor to do a close analysis of the demographics present at a given location to appropriately determine their best product selection.

10: Mystery Mix, from: A&A Global, Top Notch Toys, other suppliers.
The general Mystery Mix is usually a mix of old stock from the manufacturer, and reflects a lot of products both good and bad in volume. Because it’s a grab bag of what you get, and what your customer gets, it’s a good idea for the locations with limited heads for dedicated products. However because it’s a general mix, and your customers want specific things you won’t get as many vends as you would with a targeted product mix. However, this mix is versatile, but far from ideal, and this condemns it to the number 10 spot on our list.

9: Sparklez, from: A&A Global (Product: SPARCV)
Sparklez are one product that I can’t find a match to- they are so inexpensive that even at a 25 cent vend you make out like a bandit. There are 4 rings to a capsule, so there’s the illusion of value. To top it off, kids think they’re great because they’re transparent, glittery, and fly pretty well if you stretch them enough. In short, it’s the perfect toy for bored kids who are really looking for some cheap entertainment. While younger kids like them for their intended purpose, older kids like to fling them around, so you hit multiple demographics. Sales aren’t stellar, but I’ve yet to find a cheaper product that can please such a wide variety of customers, and for that I commend A&A. However, their sales hinder them, and they come to rest at number 9 on our list.

8: Eraser Mix, from: A&A Global, Top Notch Toys, Cardinal Supply, Blue Bar, others.
Novelty erasers have been a hot product for some time, but never before have vendors had so many inexpensive options. Top Notch Toys (TNT) has 5 different varieties shaped like food items varying from breakfast staples to fast food. Others have Mexican food varieties and fruit and even donuts. Other non-food varieties range from dogs to monkeys to aliens. The varieties seem limited only by the various corporations collective imaginations! Erasers have sold fairly well for me, on a basis I’d call consistent, and that secures them the number 8 spot on our list.

7: Glow sticks, necklaces, etc. From: A&A Global, Top Notch Toys, Cardinal, others.
Glow is a specialty thing, and on those grounds it only sells really well in some very specific places. However, if you acquire a spot that will work, anyplace that’s consistently open after dark, they can be very profitable. However, because you need a very specific spot for these to really soar, they only climb to number 7 on our list.

6: Aliens, from: A&A Global, Top Notch Toys, Cardinal, others.
Aliens are another vending staple, and there are lots and lots of varieties. Squishy, stretchy, sticky, glow in the dark, painted, sports figures, shiny, rings, necklaces, etc. Aliens, like most figurines, sell well to kids. Their solid reputation, low cost, and wide variety secures them the number 6 spot.

5: Cats and Dogs, from: A&A Global, Cardinal, Blue Bar, Flatline, others.
Cats and dogs, in their various varieties ranging from Hood Hounds to Mini-Mals to Lil’ pups, these figurines are great sellers, particularly to girls, in my opinion the harder sell for bulk vending. A cute little cat figure is well worth their 50 cents, and that’s where you come in. These have been good sellers, however because they are more difficult to produce and market, they typically cost more, so they come to rest at our number 5 spot.

4: Rings, from: Any supplier
I can’t think of a supplier offhand that doesn’t carry some form of rings. Since bulk vending began, rings have been a staple, and a great item for girls. Rings come in such a wide variety and so many styles, it can be daunting choosing one over the others. I recommend anything shiny and plastic over metal rings for a safety and aesthetic point of view, as plastic are much less hazardous for you, and shiny plastic rings (acrylic) look terrific inside of a bulk machine. However, this product is really only good for one specific demographic, and that holds it to number 4 on our list.

3: Sticky Mix, from: Any supplier
Sticky things are some of the greatest inventions in vending. Cheap toys that are difficult to impossible to get elsewhere, with a nearly limitless supply of kids who want these. Both boys and girls want these, and you can charge whatever you want these days. As the mixes move up into 2” machines, it’s not uncommon for 75 cent or even $1.00 vends. Sticky mixes are superb in almost every way, but they can’t top our next two products.

2: Ducks, from: A&A Global, Top Notch Toys, Cardinal, Flatline, others.
Perhaps it’s just a passing fad, but rubber ducks are very “in” right now, and because they don’t have any licensing attached to them, the cost remains fairly low by comparison. Ducks in the 1” variety are varied across suppliers, and there’s a lot of room to shop around. I love ducks, they have made me quite a bit of money in both 1” and 2” formats. Though times may change, for the foreseeable future, Ducks are a very sound investment.

1: Mustaches, from: Any supplier.
Mustaches, to this day make very little sense to me. I do not understand the appeal, I do not understand the practical application, I don’t understand the thought process. But, I’m not a kid anymore, so maybe I’ll never “get” it. Regardless, these capsules sell incredibly well! They come in numerous incarnations, from all manner of supplier, and are bought equally well by all sorts of groups, even adults from time to time. For the low cost, wide variety, and incredible sales record, Mustaches easily claim the number 1 spot on our list.

As stated, this is only my list, for your region, a different product might sell even better. A good way to do some fast and free research is to find some rival capsule machines- see what products are selling well for them. They might sell well for you too!

If you pursue capsules, I wish you the best of luck!

Go catch those quarters!


  1. PerformaVending says:

    Due to frequent shifts of products supplied, some products from listed suppliers may not be carried any longer, or may be temporarily out of stock. The companies listed are examples only, and I apologize for any inconsistencies from their lineups to the list I have provided.

    Good Luck!

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