The “Hot Top 5” is a general list of what we here at Reliable-Vendor were impressed with, received positive reviews by vending experts, or offered something special to the vending industry. This is not to say any product is better or worse than the next, but merely a listing of whats “hot” today.

  1. Jewelry Box (Flatline)
  2. Galaxy Goo (A&A)
  3. DIY Bouncy Ball (Brand)
  4. Sparkle Rings (Cardinal)
  5. Be a Man Mustache key-chains and more (TNT)

5. Be a Man Mustache key-chains and more

It seems TNT is crusading to fill every mustache-themed hole in any operators route. A less expensive alternative to their previously mentioned “Mustache Mania” mix, “Be a Man” focuses more on actual mustaches rather than mustache themed accessories. The key-chains “and more” are present in the mix, but more as leader items than anything else. This brings the cost down, but keeps sales relatively high. Mustaches have always been good sellers, and this mix is no exception.

4. Sparkle Rings by Cardinal

Cardinal has created a new ring mix that puts a spin on “normal” acrylic rings by adding psychedelic patterns that reflect and shine. In short, a very eye-catching display for a very good toy. Rings and toy jewelry are always good sellers in kid friendly locations, and this mix is built to move.

3. DIY Bouncy Ball by Brand Imports

diy-super-ball-3Once again, Brand seems to be playing around in the realm of mad science. The toys, packaged in their signature 1” (27mm) round capsules contain the “ingredients for making your own bouncy ball. Inside the capsule is a package of “magic powder” which converts into a bouncy rubber when exposed to water for a few minutes. Using the capsule as a form, kids can make their own bouncy balls. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere. Between it’s unusual subject matter and a great live display, this one is sure to stand out.

2. Galaxy Goo by A&A Global Industries

Galaxy GooGalaxy Goo is simple “fun putty” in a new wrapper. That’s the charm of it. It’s a product kids love year after year, and doesn’t require much explanation. It’s sticky, pseudo-messy fun, and a top-rated seller for the month of May. The product is timeless, profitable, and best of all a superb seller. Large operators have boasted machines selling out in a matter of days in some locations. However, as of this writing, A&A is sold out for awhile.

1. Jewelry Box by Flatline

250jb_largeFlatline’s new 2” discount Jewelry line (not to be confused with their premium line) is studded with hot items. Slap bracelets, zipper bracelets, hot rings (metal and acrylic) and the top selling necklaces from former mixes. Rather than sticking with one style (A&A’s slap bracelets, or Cardinals Zipper bracelets for example) they’ve added a little of everything into their mix for the maximum return for the operator. Though I suspect the hot items are only peppered in there, Flatline’s jewelry mixes are always top quality. With summer on the way, and Jewelry in demand, Flatline covers all the major bases under one machine, rather than dividing things up. With product space in a rack at a premium, this is an optimum arrangement. A good display rounds out a great product, for the hottest new product from May.

The Hot Top 5 is compiled by Alex Macomber of Performa Vending with the assistance of and various suppliers. Products showcased are showcased are the opinions of Performa Vending, and may not represent the opinions of or it’s members.

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