HOT TOP 5! August, 2013

The “Hot Top 5” is a general list of what we here at Reliable Vendor were impressed with, received positive reviews by vending experts, or offered something special to the vending industry. This is not to say any product is better or worse than the next, but merely a listing of whats “hot” today.

  1. Zipper Bandz (Cardinal)
  2. Pixar’s Planes Tattoos and Stickers (VSI/Flatline)
  3. Adventure Time/Regular Show Figures and Tattoos (A&A)
  4. Premium Plastic Balls (TNT)
  5. Redesigned Flashing Puffer Yo-Yo Balls (Allstar)

Flashing Puffer YoYo Balls5. NEW Flashing Puffer Yo-Yo Balls by Allstar Vending

One of Allstar’s hottest products just got an overhaul. New styles, and improved internal flashers make their latest batch of Flashing Puffer Yo-Yo balls some of the best available today. An alternative mix that brings the overall cost down by mixing in their “normal” Yo-Yo balls is also available. While not radically different, Yo-Yo’s are still one of the fastest selling “premium” items, and the redesign here only increases the appeal. A well appointed live display rounds out a stellar reworking of a terrific 2” product.

47mm Plastic Balls4. Premium 47mm Self-Vend Plastic balls by Top Notch Toys (TNT)

A great 2” product is the 2” bouncy ball, however, the weight can be a real problem. Rising shipping costs and production prices are making them harder to use, and certainly harder to justify at so-so locations. The physical weight of the balls piled up can even damage the machine’s baffles, stirring springs, and vend wheel (the LYPC 2” machine for instance) making them more difficult to use. Once again, Top Notch Toys has put a new spin on an existing product to solve this problem. Licensed plastic balls are nothing new- A&A, Cardinal, and several other suppliers have been printing licensed characters and logos onto 27mm plastic balls for a long time. This mix, however, takes a lot of the “value” and “sport” themed plastic balls typically found as filler in treasure chest mixes, and uses them as a standalone product. As plastic balls are filled with air, the shipping weight is inconsequential, and the cost is brought down considerably as the balls aren’t printed with licensed properties. If you’ve been having any second thoughts about the rising cost of bouncy balls, you may want to take a look at TNT’s lightweight alternative.

Adventure Time 2" Caps3. Adventure Time and Regular Show Figurines and Tattoos by A&A Global Industries

A&A continues their winning alliance with Time-Warner’s Cartoon Network in the form of new figurines from their hit shows. Adventure Time and Regular show have near-cult followings on the networks, and on-line. The merchandising for the show rivals much bigger, and better established franchises now. A&A’s top-quality figures, watered down in price by some high quality tattoos, will make a superb toy item for the foreseeable future, as the shows continue to grow and thrive commercially with their fandoms. It is a premium item, but a safer premium item comparable to Sponge Bob or Super Heroes.

Planes Temporary Tattoos2. Pixar’s Planes Tattoos by Vending Supply Incorporated (VSI) and Planes Stickers by Flatline

Pixar’s “Planes” is a spin-off of the Disney marketing powerhouse “Cars”. The film has of course spawned a legion of tie ins and merchandise, and the vending industry has not been neglected! Vending Supply Incorporated (VSI) has received the license to make Planes tattoos, while Flatline Corporation has received the license to make the stickers for this hot new product. One or both of these will sell well anywhere you have children in any concentration.

Zip Bandz1. Zip Bandz by Cardinal Distributing

Zipper bracelets have really taken off of late, following the return of slap bracelets and parachute cord jewelry. I have a day job in retail, and we can’t seem to keep the things in stock. As an impulse product, it’s a great blend of a fad item with great appeal to a wide market of kids, teens, and even adults. Though I doubt Zipper bracelets will still be as popular a few years from now, they are very hot at the moment. Cardinal has capitalized on this beautifully with their new line of Zipper Bracelets- improving on their last mix to include neon, metallic, and varicolored “leader” styles into an already stellar mix. If there is ever was a perfect time to try out Zipper Bracelets, that time is now!
The Hot Top 5 is compiled by Alex Macomber of Performa Vending with the assistance of, and various suppliers. Products showcased are showcased are the opinions of Performa Vending, and may not represent the opinions of or it’s members.

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