Terminator U Turn Vending Machine

I have talked about U Turn Vending machines before, here at U-Turn Vending Machines, What You Need to Know Before Buying and here at Giving UTurn Another Look. With U Turn being one of the larger players in the bulk vending business, I wanted to share this video I found, disclaimer: from UTurnVending, about their machines. Personally I have found even their basic UTurn Terminator to be too much machine for most locations. I used to believe to stay away from them at any cost, until I happened on a great deal in buying 6 used ones, turns out they were perfect for a couple of my very busy locations, I went from having to service them every 2 weeks to once a month like the rest of my route, saving me time and money. So here’s the video, please leave your own comments about UTurn’s below, I would love to know what you guys think.


  1. daniel says:

    best feature ever, now noone can put their coofffe on top of them lol

  2. daniel says:

    inflation resistance business??? how the heck???

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