Rhino Vending Equipment’s Original Rhino Gumball Machine Review

The Original Rhino Vending Machine

The Original Rhino Vending Machine

This is sort of a nostalgic walk back in time for me, My first six bulk vending machines I purchased to start my business was the Original Rhino Gumball Machine. Now on the Rhino Vending website they say “Commercial quality vending machines for half the price.”; Don’t believe the hype, they are a little cheaper than say AA Global or Northwestern, maybe half price compared to Beaver Vending Machines, by the way they are styled after Beaver, but a far cry from being anywhere in the same quality bracket as Beaver. Comparing themselves to Beaver is like comparing a Waffle House t-Bone to a Ruth Chris Fillet Mignon.

Ok so back on topic, now that I clarified that this isn’t in the same class as Beaver, I will say they were good machines. The all metal body was cast not machined like most of the other big names. The globes where very thick laminate plastic versus some of the cheaper ones I have seen. The coin mechanisms were very heavy duty, the Rhino “Heavy Duty” coin mechs are even more rock solid. As for how long the coin mechs last, that I can’t attest too as I only kept these on my route for about a year. Disclaimer, I didn’t sell them because of poor quality or performance, I sold them because of the barrel locks they come with. Speaking of which, the locks they use seem harder to get past than the traditional flat keyed ones, but I hated them. They chewed through keys, the guide tooth was constantly breaking off while trying to lock or unlock the globe. Really this was my only complaint for these machines.

Ok so my final words on the Original Rhino Gumball Machine, you are better off spending the $5-$20 more per machine it will cost you to go with one from one of the other leaders in bulk vending supply if buying new BUT if you get the opportunity to buy these at a good to great used price, I would personally get them. Other than the barrel lock and keys, these machines are built solid and seem to function well.


  1. daniel says:

    Hi, Im looking forward to buying these since they are so cheap new, I dont think you can get cheaper new machiens like these ones. What was exactly the problem you had with the locks? Did they break the key? If you open the locks only once monthly is this really a problem? PLZ HELP

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