Review Northwestern 60 Bulk Vending Machine

The Northwestern 60 is a rock solid bulk vending machine but for the price it should be. So let’s get right to the review.

Northwestern 60 Pros

Northwestern 60

Northwestern 60

Very solid construction on this bulk machine, made from steel and cast alloy, the body assembly and coin mechanism are sturdy and durable.

The northwestern 60 coin mechs are triple plated chrome finish and are available in 25 cent and 50 cent and include a patented “drop-thru” feature preventing jamming from small coins and other items. One other really nice feature is no screw mech removal, just flip the lever up and lift out.

The candy wheel is pretty standard but the slots are numbered making adjustment a snap for you.

Northwestern 60 Cash and Dash

Northwestern 60 Cash and Dash

Also has and available option for the cash and dash feature which a lot of operators like but really not needed as you can unlock the northwestern 60, lift the body, globe and lid straight up. Turn it off center either left or right and place it on the lips of the base, pretty easy quarter removal.

Available in quite a few colors too.

What not enough to sell you on the quality of the Northwestern 60? One last small but nice pro, installation of third party locks for security is a snap and if you like patriotic they are made right here in the great USA!

Northwestern 60 Cons

Biggest complaint from most bulk operators I hear is the price, but this can be offset by ordering them in large quantities for a bulk discount. If that isn’t an option Sam’s sell the Northwestern pretty cheap and they will ship them to your local store.

I know you were expecting more but these really are great bulk vending machines and I haven’t really heard any other complaints.

Hint: Don’t buy the Northwestern Tempo stand to put such a nice machine on, these stands are junk!


  1. Shane D says:

    I have some of these on route and your review is spot on. Only thing I would add is to save some money I find mine used on craigslist pretty often.

  2. daniel says:

    I dont like the looks, the same price of the BEaver with the same looks as cheaper machines.

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