Prodesign & Vending Technologies Unusual Vending Machines

It’s no secret that the more eye-catching and interactive a bulk vending machine is, the more quarters it collects for us operators. So keeping that in mind I wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the very cool machines made by Prodesign & Vending technologies.

First we have the Ziggy; A capsule machine with a built in zig-zag prize chute called the Zig Zag Prize Fall. Comes with either .50, .75 or $1 Beaver coin mechs and a vend counter is available. Weighs in at 45lbs.

The Football – A – Roo has a fun football shaped globe. Just the pure uniqueness of this vending capsule machine will draw eyes and coins at any location. The football-a-roo also comes with Beaver coin mechs in .50, .75 or $1 denominations and a vend counter is available. Weighs 50lbs.

The Ultimate Racing Pinball vending machine is a real and working interactive pinball that plays like a real pinball machine. Can vend superballs, gumballs or jawbreakers and no electricity is required. Also has a very small footprint at 17”w x 31”d x 51”h. Coin mechs come in .25 or .50 denominations and weighs just 85lbs.

SoccerBall vending machine is another very cool machine that acts as a Foos Ball table but the little ball used has to be bought/vended every time. Has two large capacity coin boxes, vends superballs, gumballs or jawbreakers and measures in at 29”w x 45”d x 42.5”h.

Last but not least we have the Sports Ball vending machine. Can hold up to 5 cases of 1” product or 4,250 gumballs, superballs, jawbreakers or 1” small capsules. A sturdy metal cabinet with lights and sounds available/optional make this a real attention getter. Dimensions for the Sports Ball is 22”w x 15”d x 68”h and weighs in at a solid 180lbs.

One final word about Prodesign, I love that they are an American vending manufacturer so it’s made in America which is a plus for me. If you would like to check them out for yourselves you can call 1-800-655-3510 or go directly to their website at


  1. PerformaVending says:

    Very cool stuff! Prodesign and OK Manufacturing have made some cool industry staples over the years!

    My personal favorite is the Sports Ball- it’s just such a cool machine to watch!

  2. How much are they the Ziggy

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