My Review: PO89 by AA Global

AA Global PO89 Bulk Vending Machine

AA Global PO89 Bulk Vending Machine

I recently bought a bunch of  AA Globals PO89, to give them a try. With more than 3 months of them on my route, I wanted to share with you my thoughts and opinions about them. This review is based solely on my own experiences with the equipment, so take it with a grain of salt and as full disclosure my actual purchase was the PM Supreme which is the standard PO89 series, but with a chrome hopper and top.

First the PO89 is heavy, and heavy duty. I was impressed by both its size and solid construction. This very sturdy and tough vending machine feels like it will last for decades.

I have several good and bad observations about the PO89 body; with the large globe it seems to be taller than most of my other machines, not by much, but enough so that a PO89 with a 450 count globe on the bottom of a rack, it becomes difficult to remove the globe without hitting the machines on the top of the rack.

Next the body and base are one piece, which makes it easy to pull out and dump your quarters into a bag, but if you prefer to stick your hand inside and scoop them up, it hinders that process making it harder. My last observation about the body is because it is a more bulky machine, when using them on a double or triple stand; it makes the stand more bulky, taking up more space and looks proportionally off for my personal taste.

The PO89 coin mech is all metal and seems solid. It has a drop through mechanism, and slip clutch handle to prevent vandalism. I haven’t had any jams or issues with it yet but it feels stiff compared to the AA PM Elite, Northwestern 60 Series or even my plastic Uturn coin mechs. I added just a drop of lubricant to help address that issue. The chute covers are pretty standard although the shoot itself does stick out a little farther than most of the other machines I have used, but doesn’t seem to make much difference.

The PO89 has several globe choices; 300, 450, small panel head and large panel head. With this order I got the 450, I am using most of them for toys or GB, both of which I want to be able to have longer service cycles on. The 450 is a standard size, so no complaints, it met my expectations completely. What I did not account for was the size of the PO89 with the size of the 450 globe made these monstrous. I mentioned earlier about issues with removing the globes when used on the bottom shelf of racks, let me stress again, this does make collections more difficult than using many other popular vending machines. In the future I think I will be using panel heads for toys and the 300 for gumballs and/or candy.

One thing that did impress me was the 450 lids, they have what looks like a longer extension to go over the center rod, making it very easy to lock and unlock the machine.

Overall I would say this is a solid machine with a lot of great features, it’s just not for me, I prefer the visual aspect, as well as the dimensions, of the PM Elite from the AA lineup. It does however have one big visual advantage over the PM Elite, with the solid body and not using the decorative “chrome” triangles. As always the less moving parts, the better as the old saying goes.

But if you want a good solid bulk vending machine that will last you decades and be a work horse on your route, you might like the PO89. Overall I would recommend it.


  1. daniel says:

    Does this ugly machines produce the same profit than more good looking machines such as Beaver?

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