Giving UTurn Another Look

Back in May I wrote a little article on UTurn Vending Machines; ‘U-Turn Vending Machines, What You Need to Know before Buying.

Since May I had the opportunity to pick 5 UTurns up at a price I couldn’t walk away from, I got all five plus extra parts for $125 total. At first my plan was to resell them, make a quick profit, and get them off my hands as fast as possible. Problem was time went by; I got busy, stopped listing them for sale and forgot about them. That is until I needed them, I had two spots that gave me trouble, the good kind, I had two high volume locations that were just killing my doubles, but due to size limitations a triple or 4-way rack wouldn’t fit. So I utilized two of the UTurns and they fit perfectly, extended my service cycle out to 4-6 weeks per location.

I learned a valuable lesson about setting hard lines in regards to equipment and I have had some new revelations about UTurns. Most of my previous observations about the UTurn vending machine are still valid but in certain situations or conditions they can be perfect.

So I wanted to stress some of the Pros I really like for these machines:

  • More products in a very small footprint of available space.
  • Four separate offerings in high volume locations
  • Compact design and stylish look

Some of the drawbacks:

  • Plastic coin mechs tend to have problems more often than all metal
  • Coin mechs often allow extra product to be delivered via wiggling the handle
  • Longer service times

Really the whole point of this post is to say that I have changed my mind. While I still don’t see UTurns as a viable machine to build your whole route on, I can see some value in having a few available for specific situations, if you can get them for the right price AND you have no other alternative machine that will work.

I also am trying to stress being flexible, I talk on here all the time about how my business plan has changed and adapted. I also made it more ridged, for the benefits of staying structured and organized, but when these two locations opened up I had to look past my rigid decisions if I wanted to keep them, they are $60-125 a month spots, so yes I wanted to keep them, so I had to look past my preferences and adapt. I hope you will also look at your own business and keep in mind to be flexible when needed, don’t be like me and decide you hate UTurns, to find out later they have their uses.


  1. daniel says:

    in the video they said that they improved the coin mechanism and doesnt need lubrication

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