Nut Machines

I personally see nuts as a specialty item, another great way to expand your product line, if the location can support them. Nut vending machines are essentially candy machines serving nuts. We decided to list them here separate from candy machines because nut vending has a large selection of products and its own set of concerns.

Typical nut product you can bulk vend include; A variety of Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Macadamia,  Brazil, Pumpkin Seed and various nut mixes. Many of these come in a variety of tastes like salted, sweet, BBQ, hot, spicy, etc…

Some concerns include; successfully vending bulk nuts is very dependent on the location. I have read that they do better in a business setting, like an employee break room, than more traditional locations like restaurants, service stations and small retail stores. Another major concern is many people are allergic to nuts, so protect yourself against liability; keep your machines clean and serviced often to keep down the dust produced from your product, make sure you have a machine with a chute door in good working order and if you ever want to convert a nut vending machine back to gumballs or candy, do a very thorough cleaning of the entire machine and all its parts to remove any nut residue.

Our recommendations when buying and using bulk nut machines is, due to the product costs involved you will probably always want to upgrade the coin mechanisms in these machines to two quarters, or more, per vend. Make sure the machine has a product stirrer included, most do, to keep the nuts from funneling out in the globe. You may also want to make sure to set your product vend amount to maximum, make your customers feel they are getting a fair amount of product for the price and they will be repeat customers.

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