Gumball Machines

By far the most popular bulk vending machine in history and used today. Gumball vending machines, use a gumball wheel and brush plate specially designed for distributing 1” gumballs, jawbreakers or toy capsules in some cases. These machines can be converted over to sell candy and peanuts by replacing the gumball wheel and brush plate with a candy wheel and brush plate. These are very versatile machines. Most machines come standard with a quarter coin mechanism and can be upgraded with higher denomination coin mechanisms.

Our recommendations when buying bulk gumball machines is to look for machines from well known and trusted manufacturers. Personally I am a fan of A&A Global, Northwestern, Oak, Rhino and Beaver of course. I prefer all-metal body cases over plastic for a two reasons; plastic is easier to shatter and less durable, plastic cased vending machines also cost more money in upkeep over the life of the machine.

Remember to always order a stand with either the one, two or three head bracket, so that every machine you order has a stand to fit it. Stands offer a couple of great benefits; counter space is highly valued in most places, never expect a location owner to make room for your gumball vending machine, be ready to set it up quickly on its own stand. The other great advantage to a stand, it’s a lot harder for a thief to pull a “grab-n-go” on a gumball machine with a heavy stand attached; Don’t lose your machine and its profits because you decided to save a few dollars.

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