Candy Machines

A great way to expand your product line and increase profits. Candy vending machines are the same machines used for gumballs and 1” diameter products; they just use a candy wheel and brush plate to dispense small amounts of candy. One of the best features about these machines is the candy wheel can be adjusted to raise or lower the amount of candy dispensed per vend, giving you more control over your profit ratio. A quarter coin mechanism is standard on these machines so you may want to consider upgrading to a two quarter coin mechanism for candy sales if you are going to use more costly premium candies.

Our recommendations when buying bulk candy machines is to look for dependable and solid performing machines from trusted manufacturers. Spend the extra few dollars per machine for an all metal body; it will save you maintenance costs and problems down the road. And don’t forget to order a stand.

One note about bulk vending candy; some candies are more susceptible to crack, chip or break into pieces than others. You should consider that your vending machines may need service and cleaning more often as a result. We recommend doing a thorough monthly cleaning each time you service and refill your machines, this should be more than sufficient to keep them looking appealing and in great shape.

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