Bulk Vending Machine Types

Welcome to the Guide to Bulk Vending Machines. Building a successful vending business only requires four simple things;

  • Choose the right vending machines.
  • Choose the right products to sell.
  • Locate your machines into profitable locations.
  • Service and maintain them in a professional manner.

This guide focuses on helping you to decide what types of bulk vending machines best fit your business model and budget.

Vending machines have been around a long time, they are a true piece of Americana history. You can find them in varied styles and configurations but their basic coin operated functionality is the same today as it has been for decades. Using simple coin mechanisms, vending machines take in money, and deliver a random bulk product to your customer.

The most popular configurations are; single head, two head and triple head vending machines. Vending racks are also popular but not as common. Most bulk vending machines can be set to vend gumballs, candy, peanuts, toy capsules and some specialty items.

Sticker and tattoo vending machines are almost always set to have multiple products and are called flat vending machines. Unlike most gumball and candy vending machines, these are all-in-one combo units and will only vend flat vendible products.

Feel free to go ahead and jump to the most common types of machines that interest you: Gumball Machines, Candy Machines, Nut Machines, Toy Capsule Machines, Racks and Multi-Unit Machines, Temporary Tattoos and Sticker Machines and Vending Machines for Specialty Items.

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