Vending Machines for Specialty Items

Finding Gems of Opportunity in unusual places. Bulk vending machines for specialty items refers to two separate scenarios; specialty machines for medications, female hygiene, laundry supplies, etc… and using traditional machines for specialty purposes. You will find lots of new opportunity and profits by adding a few specialty item vending machines to your inventory.

This post is a little different in I will cover application more than functionality and purpose. I’m not going to list and go into detail on every type of specialty machines and uses, but will instead try and cover some of the most well known ways to expand your product line and revenues.

Medication Vending Machines
These machines are great for offering a wide variety of aspirins, pain relievers, antacids, and other assorted products. Perfect for office and industrial locations where quick access to these products would be of value to both the employees and the employers. Another great placement idea would be to put them in centralized locations in malls and other large venue shopping areas. I’ve also often seen these types of machines in gas station and convenience store bathrooms. I have noticed they are usually in bad shape and disrepair in these locations, which would make me reluctant to put one in, but with the right location these could be very profitable.

Female Hygiene
This specialty vending machine requires location and placement to be successful. Office and industrial locations full of primarily female employees would work best. Obviously you would want to place these at the best point of purchase, the bathroom. I have also seen these in other various locations but they also seem to be prone to disrepair and vandalism, so keeping them in a professional environment would protect your investment.

Laundry Supplies
Pretty self explanatory, if you find a self service laundry mat on your route that doesn’t have one of these, you should ask to place one immediately. People using self service already have change, and if they run out or need more, they will almost always take the convenience of using your machine to the hassle of leaving and coming back. Don’t forget to ask about putting more traditional vending machines as well!

Here is our recommendation though, never locate a machine in any laundry mat that does not have a service attendant on duty at all times. If you do, your machines will eventually get vandalized and robbed. It’s only a good investment if you can protect it.

Dog Treats
Using traditional bulk candy vending machines you can find bite sized dog treats that will work in them. This is perfect for placing in pet stores, pet grooming and veterinarian offices. Dog owners love their pets and how cool is it they can get them a little treat on the go. The dog leaves happy, the dog owner feels good about treating their pet and you just made some money.

Fish Food
Again a bulk candy vending machine can be used multi-purpose for dispensing small sized fish food pellets. The perfect addition to piers, boat launches, marinas and restaurants on the water. There are even several manufacturers who make heavy duty outdoor vending machines that would work great for this application.

Bird Seed
Turn a ordinary bulk candy machine into a paying bird feeder. Just find you a nice park or wildlife refuge to place your machine and watch it fill with quarters as the bird watchers feed their little winged friends.

I guess the point here is that opportunity is everywhere, and using specialty items or specialty purposes opens up some great revenue channels for your vending company. Start using your imagination today and find lots of great locations with no competition.

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