Toy Capsule Machines

Toy and novelty items are real money makers, when located correctly. Toy capsule vending machines come in two distinct dispensing sizes, 1” diameter capsules and 2” diameter capsules. These bulk machines are very popular with kids and do best in locations with a lot of family or kid traffic. These typically come with 1-4 quarter coin mechanisms and you need to plan ahead for your product cost versus the price point you choose.

Toy Capsule vending machines are normally used in conjunction with other, normally candy and gumball, machines to maximize product diversity and return on investment. They present a great way to introduce another product line for additional sales and work great in racks and multi-unit stands.

As mentioned earlier the main concern for success with this type of bulk vending machine is location but almost equally important is the products you offer. Consideration of what you are going to put into your machines, that best fits that locations traffic, is a direct impact on your sales. Look for toys that are current hot items with children, or novelty items that will appeal to your adult foot traffic.

Our recommendations when buying and using bulk toy capsule machines are to look for solid dependable machines from trusted manufacturers. Make sure they are rugged construction; kids tend to be more wear and tear on everything. Also get a heavy duty stand; someone’s child getting hurt because they pulled the machine over on themselves is not something you want to deal with.

One last word on product, don’t look for the cheapest toy capsules and novelty capsules, look for items that appeal to your customers! If you are going to make the investment into more expensive machines and product than the typical bulk items, you need to maximize your return on investment.  For example I put a 1” toy capsule machine into a small motorcycle accessories and leather shop, filled it with Harley Davidson key chains and they practically flew out of the machine.

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