Temporary Tattoos and Sticker Machines

Another set of hot bulk vending items to expand your business with. Bulk vending temporary tattoos and sticker machines are very popular and can offer some great returns. These machines normally come in a multi-unit type of machine, so you can offer 2-8 different product types per machine. Often referred to as flat vend or flat vending machines because of how the product is dispensed.

Typically machines come with coin mechanisms from .50 to $1.25 with the ability for you to change the coin mechanism as needed but there are some machines out there with a set price coin mechanism. This is something you want to make sure you take into account when buying any tattoo and sticker vending machines for your business.

These machines are typically great for locations with kids, teens and young adults. A personal note and this should be taken as my two cents, as a parent I dislike sticker machines, I know the stickers are going to end up on something where I will have to remove and clean it. I can imagine a lot of parents feel the same way and would steer their kids away from a sticker machine. Even worse, what if they get a set of stickers they are disappointed with, if they end up on your machine as a payback joke, you get to spend your valuable time cleaning your equipment. In general for these reasons I am not a fan of stickers, but I do love temporary tattoos.

One word on product, it’s important to look for hot items and tattoos or stickers that fit your locations traffic. For example if you had a comic book store, Bakugan and Super Hero tattoos would probably do very well there, don’t be afraid to change these out as needed, and to do product trials, since these products don’t go bad. You can always use the old ones at another location.

My recommendations are when buying a machine get at least three columns to have a greater selection of products. Like all bulk vending machines look for dependable machines from trusted manufacturers. Double check the coin mechanism that comes with the machine and makes sure it fits your requirements. Make sure the stand is heavy duty with a wide base.

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