Racks and Multi-Unit Machines

The perfect mix for success at any busy location. Bulk vending racks and multi-unit machines offer a little bit of everything for everyone. These set-ups usually combine several types of machines in a compact configuration, perfect for minimizing floor space while several product options. Choosing the right configuration of the types of bulk vending machines used in a rack is best left up to you, you know your location, the traffic, and the customer type better than anyone else, so put a little thought into what you plan to offer. Don’t ruin a prime location with an under-performing rack or multi-unit.

One concern for a rack unit is that they are often harder to place, depending on size, than traditional smaller bulk vending machines. If you are new to the business you may want to wait until you know the business better before investing in racks. If you are an experienced vendor then you already know your business and whether racks are a good fit for you.

Our recommendations for racks are easy. Buy well built and constructed rack stands. Try to keep all of the vending machines you use on the rack similar shape and color. We prefer to use the same manufacturer’s machines for all of spots, this keeps the rack looking professional and well kept. A clean and good looking rack will be easier to place than some haphazard combination of machines you had laying around not in service. We also suggest all metal machines for durability, as racks are frequented by children and heavy stands for the same reason.

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