Plastic vs. All-Metal Vending Machines

This is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned and if you have read much on my site you know how I feel about plastic cases on bulk vending machines. Plastic vending machines look cheap. They are more prone to vandalism and theft because they are easier to get into. Plastic will fade and crack over time, making the appearance of your machines unappealing, not to mention the long term costs of replacing them every few years. I could go on but you get the idea.

Leave the plastic cases to the occasional business owner who decides it’s a good idea to put their own vending machine into their location. You’re building a professional business and using all metal vending machines is the way to go.

Price Comparison

I spoke briefly about this earlier but let me iterate, before you purchase any bulk vending machine from any manufacturer or reseller, do some research, look for price comparisons and yes coupon codes, many resellers have them, or price breaks from manufacturers to always get the best price on your equipment.  The more you pay per machine, the longer it will take to get your original investment back before you can start making profit, don’t slow your business down by being lazy.

Another hint, like coupon codes, of course you do, who doesn’t like to save money?!? After you pick the manufacturer or reseller, Google their ‘name + coupon code’ and see what’s out there. I have found some resellers that have a permanent coupon code discount so I save money every time I order. It’s all part of doing your homework for the best buy.


Bulk vending machines are built to last for a long time, any legitimate and reputable manufacturer will have a limited lifetime warranty. Before buying any machine make sure to check out the details of their warranty and make sure you feel comfortable with it and with being able to use it should you ever need it.

Don’t Forget

  • A few last tips on purchasing equipment:
  • Save all receipts so you can write them off as a business expense
  • Don’t forget to order enough stands, in the configurations you desire, to fit your machines
  • Make note of the size limits for the globes of each machine in case you need to order product to fill them.
  • Plan ahead if need be so that the shipment isn’t left outside for long. These packages can be very large and could be tempting to steal
  • Make sure you have all of the tools you will need, for assembly, ahead of time to make the process easy
  • Always double check your order versus the delivery to make sure you received all of your equipment

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