New vs. Used

I will have a lot of bulk vendors disagree with me on this subject, in fact it’s very common to hear advice, to people new in the business, to start out buying used bulk vending equipment, but I’m not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few situations where buying used equipment is good for your business, but in general I think it’s a bad idea, and here’s why…

Buying used is taking a gamble, unless you can see, touch, and smell the machines, you can never be sure you’re getting what you expect. Why would someone sell perfectly good vending machines, except in the case of leaving the business? How much time and effort will be spent cleaning and possibly repairing the machines should they need it, and they always need some of it. Do all parts, keys and mechanisms work, and if not good luck on getting the warranty to replace parts and what not, especially if the seller had also bought them used. And my final issue is often the machines are old and in bad shape visually, making them less desirable to be placed on location.

Now about when to buy used vending equipment, if you can see and test the machines in person, before the purchase, and they are close enough to pick-up yourself, so no delivery charges, then by all means get yourself that good deal. I have found craigslist to be a great place to find local deals on bulk vending machines, on occasion.

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