Dealing with a Competitors Abandoned Vending Machines

Abandoned Vending Machine in a Restaurant

Abandoned Vending Machine in a Restaurant

It will happen sooner or later, you will find a great location already taken by a competitor’s empty and abandoned machine. So what do you do? How do you handle this situation? There are several different laws, depending on state, and very different views on etiquette between vendors on this subject, so I am going to tell you what I believe is the best way to deal with abandoned vending machines.

What should be your easiest and first course of action is to look for contact information on the abandoned vending machine or ask the owner of the location is he has the contact information. Once you have this try to call the owner and make him an offer for the location and machine. Keep the offer low since he obviously doesn’t care about it anymore. If he takes it you just got yourself a new location and a machine that is potentially full of quarters.

If you can’t reach him or he doesn’t care about selling, let the owner know he has the right to move the empty vending machine to the back of his store, so you can put your active and freshly serviced machines to work for his customers.

If the owner wants more information on what he can do to get rid of the machine legally, it would behoove you to be prepared for this. It took me 10 minutes using the Internet to find out how to file with the state of Alabama for abandoned property. In fact they even have a PDF form to start the process. For around a penny per location I can print this form and provide it to the owner. This helps him follow the laws and makes room for my machines. It’s a win/win and you have gone the extra mile for the location which hopefully they will appreciate and it will set the right tone for your future relationship

One note on handling abandoned machines, follow all state and federal laws. Make sure you know the laws for the states you work in and I would never recommend that your course of action would be to remove the abandoned machine yourself and just take. In most cases that could be construed as stealing.

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