Buying Bulk Vending Machines

This post is about giving you a brief overview of some aspects of purchasing equipment and the considerations you need to make in order to grow your business the right way. Reliable Vendor does not endorse any specific company mentioned in this guide and they are presented for your information only.


As you grow, most vendors discover themselves buying equipment from several different bulk vending equipment manufacturers. Whether you change to meet your budget, needs, or because you haven’t been pleased with the machines or service from a particular manufacturer, there are several things to consider before doing business with a new manufacturer.

Quality is the name of the game in this business! The sole purpose of a bulk vending machine is to deliver your products, in a reliable and hassle free manner, to your customers. If your machines hang-up, mis-vend, or malfunction in anyway, they are costing you money. Don’t skimp to save a few dollars by purchasing cheap equipment, look for solid and reliable bulk vending machines from leading manufacturers. Currently some of the best, based on reputation and market share are: A & A Global Industries, Beaver Machine Corporation, Northwestern, Oak and Rhino Vending.

Price is always a factor for bulk vendors! The more money we can put into new machines, the more locations we get, which equal more profits. Price is probably the easiest consideration, with the internet we can now compare manufacturers and models, based on price, across multiple sites in a matter of minutes. If you can’t spend the hour or two it takes to do some basic research and get price lists to find the best prices on the models you want, then you are costing yourself money.

Upkeep and long term costs are your third consideration. The beauty of bulk vending machines is they are made to give years and possibly even decades of service, with proper care and maintenance. But there are a few things to take into account, yes you can save a few dollars per machine head by getting plastic cases, but since they are more prone to breakage, cracking and damage due to theft and vandalism, is it worth it, in my opinion it’s not.

Another thing to think about is there are lots of new and cheap machines coming in from China. Again you can save a few dollars by getting these machines, but will the manufacturer stand behind their product and how hard will it be to do business with them. Another concern is if they go out of business, what then?!? Most of the better known American manufactures have been around for a long time, I am not concerned about them being able to help me in a few years if I need replacement parts, or for them to make good on a warranty if needed. In fact I recently had a defect in a Rhino gumball machine I ordered; yes it occasionally happens to all bulk vending manufacturers, but one 10 minute phone call and an email to send them pictures of the defect and I had a new machine on its way to replace it. Now that’s great customer service. Not sure how that call would have went if I was trying to deal with a Chinese company or its representative.

One final suggestion, try and keep the manufacturers and the models you use down to a minimum. With a streamlined machine inventory I know my machine models inside and out, if one goes down due to defective part I can use the same part, off another unplaced machine, to put it back to work faster and I don’t have to carry around 5lbs. of keys.


Buying straight from the manufacturer is not always possible or the best decision. On more than one occasion I have been able to buy any particular model from any particular manufacturer, for the same price or cheaper through a reseller. There are several reputable ones out there and keeping a good working relationship with them is just as important to your business as knowing all the manufacturers by name.

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